Friday, June 19, 2009

What I did Today

AJ was here for awhile today. He went out with his dad on the tow truck this morning. He always has a great time doing that. That child loves anything to do with cars. While he was here today we went out for two walks. The first one was with Grampa and the second one was just the two of us. After our walks we raked some more leaves in the back yard. I should say "AJ raked and I picked up".

After he went home I came upstars and cut up some more fabric. I did the "red box" tonight. Next will be the "purple box".

Tomorrow I am going to have another (the second)teen age GREAT grand child. Where does the time go???

Tomorrow is a work day, so I would like to get in bed early tonight. I wonder how early "early" is going to be.

Good night...

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