Friday, March 26, 2010

Good SUNNY Morning

Good morning. The sun is shining again this morning after three days of rain and gloom. It is going to be a good day to make cupcakes with AJ.
I have been trying to get things picked up and organized in my sewing room so I can finish some of my UFOs. Progress is slow. I will try to work on that this afternoon while AJ is here. Wish me luck.
He's here. Gotta go. Have a nice day...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

An Expandable Tote for Maria

Good morning, Everyone. Today is another nice warm sunny day. I love it...

Last night I finished this Expandable Tote/Duffle Bag for Maria. She gave me one of her favorite dresses that is "out of style" and asked me to make her some bags using that fabric. I came up with this Expandable bag and a small clutch purse. The big bag is about 12" high when folded down and about 20"high when expanded. There are six 12"deep pockets around the outside and a draw string closure at the top. The small clutch purse has two zippered sections and a wrist strap.

My next project will be an ironing board cover for Joan. I got this pattern from I have one for myself and I love it. It is so pretty.

I'm headed for church shortly, them to work. I will stop at Quiznos for sandwiches for diner.

Have a nice day and enjoy the sunshine...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is here (I think)

I guess Spring has finally arrived in our neighbood. I hung clothes on the clothes line for the first time in a long time and some nasty bird pooped on my car. I have always said that birds need diapers. We had AJ today and he spent a lot of time out doors running and jumping as only a five year old can. Temp was in the low 70's.

I have one of those new Accucutquilt GO machines and I'm loving it. It is sooo easy to use that even I figured out how to use it with no instructions - just a quick demo. I have three dies for it. The one I got free with the machine (a 4.5" & 2.5" squares and a 2.5" tri-angle combo), a 5" square, and a 2.5" strip. I want more, but I need to wait til I find them on sale.

My Double Four Patch top is put together. I need to add some borders to that one. The blocks for my Scrappy Split Four Patch (is that the right name???) are done. I still need to do something with that one. Right now I'm trying to finish another Expandable Tote that I'm making for a new friend.

I had two Dr appointments this week. The first was for a regular check up. My cholesterol (? sp) needs attention. What else is new??? I'm being more selective of what I eat and going back for another blood test in three months. The next day I went for a momogram. All is fine there as far as I know.

That's about it for right now. Life just isn't very exciting at my house. Take care...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is Spring really here???

I'm wondering if Spring is really here. The sun is so nice and warm today. You don't even need a jacket. I raked up some more leaves out of the back yard this morning. There is about a ton left out there to be picked up. Maybe tomorrow when AJ is here I can get him to help with them. Wish me luck...
I unpacked my new GO machine this morning. I haven't had a chance to use mine, but I'm sure I'm going to love it. I got the 2.5" strip cutter and the 5" square dies for it. Earlier this week one of the ladies brought her GO machine into our quilting group and I had a chance to try it. It was "love at first cut".
I have been playing with two blocks. They're the Sliced Nine Patch that I found on and my version of the Double Nine Patch. Both of them are looking good. I will post photos later.
I need to get ready to go to work. Talk to you more later...