Thursday, June 10, 2010

Progress on my Quilt

Yesterday I took my new quilt to the Sr.Center and we got it pin basted and most of it tied. Last night while I sat and watched TV with Tony and I finished tying it. I got all the ties clipped and the edges trimmed it trimmed. The morning I made the binding and stitched it on. Now, I have to figure out how to join the two ends of the binding. I know how to do this, but I still have to "talk to myself" a little before I get it on there right. (You know what I mean).
The man from the cable co. was here this afternoon to fix Tony's TV. In the end, all that was wrong with it was the batteries in his remote were dead. He checked out my computer for me. I have been having problems with my internet connection. The internet kept going off. I know how to fix it, but it causes a major inconvience (? sp). He left me a new modem box. So far everything is good. After that he went down cellar and updated the wiring for our phones. Soooo, everything should be working just fine around here.
I want to get back to my quilt and get that binding finished. Hopefully I can start hand stitching the binding this evening.
Take care...

AJ's first T Ball Medal

AJ got his first T Ball medal at last Tues's game. He was sooo thrilled. All of the other kids on the team got medals, too. After the game everyone went to "the club" for hotdogs and chatter.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Finish (almost)

The top for my patches and four patches quilt is finished and I have the backing and batting all ready to put together. Hopefully I will do that on Wed. I am posting a little preview of this one. The top for my red and black Big Blocks quilt is almost done. I need to add one more border to that one. I have been doing a lot of puttering around and not accomplishing as much as I would like to. I did use up some excess fabric yesterday making three pillow cases.
I worked at JoAnn Fabrics today. Things were very slow in there, so we did a lot of cleaning and re-stocking.
Our weather is staying nice and warm. DH and I spend time sitting on the front porch and going for short walks when he feels up to it.
That's about it for tonight. Take care and have a nice evening...