Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Saturday

Here it is Sat evening again and I'm almost ready to get in bed. Fall is really finally here. The weather was a lot cooler all day today. I worked at Jo-Ann's from 10 til 2 this afternoon.

I have had a nasty head cold for about a week now and I'm not shaking it. I've had about enough of this nonsence.

I have a couple of orders for Shopping Cart Handle Covers, so I made some this evening. I imagine they will be good sellers. They go together fast and are really easy to make. I posted them on My Etsy and Craigs List this evening.

I'M BACK and it's Sunday morning.

I made a stack of shopping cart handle covers this morning. I'm planning on putting some of them in the mail in the morning.
My cold is a lot better.

I have been working on two quilts. The first one is a red and black and gray "Big Bricks" top. This one is coming along nice. I think I'm going to like it. The second one is done in two shades of green and gold and brown. The pattern is "Split Nine Patch". I like the pattern on this one, but I'm not thrilled with the colors. It needs something to perk it up. Maybe something "lively" for the narrow inner border??? I have to think about that. I will post photos after I get a little more done. I need to get more quilts made. I sold four this past week.

It's almost 10AM and I need to get some breakfast and a shower and get ready for church. After that I'm working this afternoon.

Have a nice day...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What I've been doing???

You can be sure it hasn't been very exciting.

I've been getting a lot of hours in at Jo-Ann Fabrics lately. I worked five days this week and that is unusual for me. We have been fairly busy.

In the evenings I have been making four patches. I'm not sure why, but I've made a lot of them. Maybe someday they will end up in a "Double Four Patch" quilt top.

Earlier this week I shipped a brown "Big Bricks" quilt off to a baby boy in Alaska. His grama got it for him. It should arrive by Mon. or Tues.. I'm anxious to hear how much they like it.

The weather is turning cold around here. We are expecting a frost tonight.

While I was at work today, TR took his Dad out and got him a new phone with great big numbers on it so he can see everything. After much "discussion", Dad and I got it all hooked up and working.

I just finished a cup of Pistashio Nut ice cream. Now, I'm going to see if I can find anything interesting on TV. If I can - I am going to sew for awhile. If not - I'm going to bed and read for awhile.

Tomorrow is church in the morning, then work in the afternoon.

Take care...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's almost FALL Again

Where does time go?? It's Sept again. Schools are open again and fall is almost here AND I have another birthday in a few weeks. The weather is turning cooler. I need a light weight jacket when I go outside. I am signed up for my first craft show of the season. I always look forward to them. I am getting in more hours at Jo Ann Fabrics. This week I worked five days.

AJ's rainbow quilt is ready to be put together. I need to make the backing and cut the batting. I intend to take it down to the Senior Center to get it basted. Maybe this next Wed.??

I have been staying busy making Expandable Tote Bags. I have several cut out. So far I have completed three. The first one was sold to the first person I showed it to. I didn't even get a picture of that one. The other two are in the trunk of my car. Bag #4 is all machine quilted and needs to be put together. I may work on that this evening. Bag #5 is ready to be machine quilted. You can see all of the bags at

That's about all of the excitement around here for right now. I think we are going to finish our chicken sandwiches from Quizon's for diner this evening.

Take care...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Progress on the Rainbow Quilt

This evening I finally put the last border on the Rainbow Quilt. It is taking me forever to finish that one. It ended up 85" long by 58" wide. That will make a nice big twin bed size quilt (if I ever finish it). Next I have to go shopping for a backing for it. I will take it to work with me on Sat. and hopefully, I will have the time to look for the backing. I'm thinking It will take five yards of fabric.

Today I washed four loads of clothes and got them all put away. I keep telling myself I'm going to get the ironing caught up, but so far no such luck.

Tomorrow morning I hope to go to the Senior Center for quilting. I went last week and no one was there, so I spent a couple of hour working on my nine patches. I got a lot done.

I am going to get my book and get in bed shortly. I'm finishing up the Dav Ramsey book. I'm finding it interesting, but I'm anxious to finish it so I can get back to my other book, Lancaster Brides by Reece.

good night...