Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving and Black Fri. 2009

Thanksgiving was quiet around our house. Just Tony and me. I fixed a small meal and baked a cherry pie for Tony. It (the pie) turned out all right. It certainly didn't look like "the picture", but Tony ate it and said it was good. I am not a pie baker, but I deserve points for trying. Part of the afternoon and evening I spent finishing a bag and watching "The God Father" movies on TV. TR called in the evening to let us know that AJ was sick all day.

I spent Fri. morning and early afternoon doing the laundry and ironing. That is all done and taken care of. I worked at JoAnn Fabrics this evening. We really weren't to busy with customers. Most of our time was spent putting stock away and taking care of other things. All of the mad dash of Black Fri was over by 5 PM when I got to work. Tomorrow will be another extra busy day. More door busters and sales.

According to the weather man we have some bad weather coming tomorrow. Tonight we are having some bad winds and tomorrow it will be cold and rainy with the possibility of snow (booo, hissss, I don't like that).

Tonight I tried to down load some pictures of my new bags and change purses, but the battery in my camera died. I have only one new bag to show you tonight. Tomorrrow I will post the other ones for you.

Good night. I'm going to get in bed and read for awhile...

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