Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Saturday

Here it is Sat evening again and I'm almost ready to get in bed. Fall is really finally here. The weather was a lot cooler all day today. I worked at Jo-Ann's from 10 til 2 this afternoon.

I have had a nasty head cold for about a week now and I'm not shaking it. I've had about enough of this nonsence.

I have a couple of orders for Shopping Cart Handle Covers, so I made some this evening. I imagine they will be good sellers. They go together fast and are really easy to make. I posted them on My Etsy and Craigs List this evening.

I'M BACK and it's Sunday morning.

I made a stack of shopping cart handle covers this morning. I'm planning on putting some of them in the mail in the morning.
My cold is a lot better.

I have been working on two quilts. The first one is a red and black and gray "Big Bricks" top. This one is coming along nice. I think I'm going to like it. The second one is done in two shades of green and gold and brown. The pattern is "Split Nine Patch". I like the pattern on this one, but I'm not thrilled with the colors. It needs something to perk it up. Maybe something "lively" for the narrow inner border??? I have to think about that. I will post photos after I get a little more done. I need to get more quilts made. I sold four this past week.

It's almost 10AM and I need to get some breakfast and a shower and get ready for church. After that I'm working this afternoon.

Have a nice day...

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