Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's almost FALL Again

Where does time go?? It's Sept again. Schools are open again and fall is almost here AND I have another birthday in a few weeks. The weather is turning cooler. I need a light weight jacket when I go outside. I am signed up for my first craft show of the season. I always look forward to them. I am getting in more hours at Jo Ann Fabrics. This week I worked five days.

AJ's rainbow quilt is ready to be put together. I need to make the backing and cut the batting. I intend to take it down to the Senior Center to get it basted. Maybe this next Wed.??

I have been staying busy making Expandable Tote Bags. I have several cut out. So far I have completed three. The first one was sold to the first person I showed it to. I didn't even get a picture of that one. The other two are in the trunk of my car. Bag #4 is all machine quilted and needs to be put together. I may work on that this evening. Bag #5 is ready to be machine quilted. You can see all of the bags at

That's about all of the excitement around here for right now. I think we are going to finish our chicken sandwiches from Quizon's for diner this evening.

Take care...

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