Thursday, July 23, 2009

My De-Bugged Serger

Would you believe it?? I had bugs on my serger. About two weeks ago I noticed these tiny little black crawly things on the top of my serger. The first night I took a damp cloth and wiped them off. The next morning they were back. After that I tried about every liquid cleanser I had in the house. Nothing worked. I talked to people about them and asked for ideas on getting rid of them and where they could have come from. I got suggestions, but nothing worked. I finally realized I had to take the machine to the LQS to be cleaned. I was SOOO embarrassed. Well - after Jim took it all apart and soaked all the covers and blew everything out and re-oiled everything and put it back together - I picked my serger up this evening and I do believe everything is working fine. It's all clean and shinny and bug free.

I did figure out where the bugs came from. My serger sits on a table in front of the window with the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is running the air blows directly on the serger. NOW - there are birds nesting on the ledge outside window beside the air conditioner. Birds have bugs. Mystery solved. Now, I need to get someone (hopefully my son) to block off those spaces so the birds can't get in there any longer. This is on the second floor so this project Will require a long ladder, or I would do it myself.

I didn't get a chance to do anything with the binding on my Poor Quilt. I have changed the name of that quilt to "The Rescued Quilt". It has a more positive ring to it. Don't you think that is a better name??

I want to get to bed a little early tonight. (I know--- I've said that before). Anthony will be here tomorrow.

Good night


  1. We had a similar issue in VA, starlings nested in the gutter by our bedroom window. I told DH 'get rid of them they have lice!' He ignored me & we ended up with those tiny insects in our BR, requiring a delousing & removal of birds etc. Get rid of them[birds] FAST & watch that the bugs didn't get into anything else!

  2. It looks all pretty and shiny new!

    I see you have a Bernina sewing machine too. I'm thinking of buying one and would love to hear which model you have, what you like/don't like about it etc and if you use it for embroidery.