Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The "Poor Quilt"

Tonight I intend to finish another quilt. I am thinking positive so I am going to post a pix of it here. This one I call "The Poor Quilt". The blocks (along with boxes of other stuff) were donated to the senior center for a rummage sale last year. Since I seem to collect this sort of stuff, I dug through the boxes and found these blocks. They were awful. The seams were various sizes and none of the points matches. Very poorly made. People told me to trash them.

I brought them home and after giving them some thought, I figured "heck, no. I'm not going to trash these". The fabric is old but in good condition. I cut them all down to a uniform size and stitched them together and made a quilt top. The points still don't match, but that is alright. It has the look of "an old fashion quilt". I machine quilted it and will be finishing stitching the binding down tonight and remove the basting stitches. It will be donated to our qulting group at the senior center to be sold.

My thoughts were that these "boxes of stuff" were found amoung some old ladies things and no one in her family wanted them so they were given to the center for a rummage sale. I feel that she put a lot of work into putting these blocks together as best she could and no one wanted them. That made me feel sad. NO WAY was I going to trash them. Hopefully, some day, very soon, the "Poor Quilt" will have a good home and will get the love it deserves.

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