Saturday, November 27, 2010

The End of Nov...

The end of Nov is quickly coming up. Where does the time go?? Thanksgiving was nice. I spent it with my son, grandson, and daughter-in-law and her family. Black Fri. has come and gone again (thank goodness). It was hecktic at JoAnn Fabrics. I worked from 7AM to 12:30PM. After that I did a little shopping. I got a sewing machine table (so I can set my sewing machine up down stairs) and a few other things. I worked again today. Today wasn't as busy as yesterday. Tomorrow I have off.
We had a few snow flurries this morning and it was windy and cold outside. This is just the beginning and I am NOT looking forward to winter.
It's almost time to get my book and get in bed again. Tomorrow morning is church. Then I need to wash some clothes. If it's not to cold out, I may rake up the last of the leaves in the back yard. This is turning into an endless task.
Good night and sweet dreams, Everyone...

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  1. Helen, It must have been very hectic working on Black Friday. you deserve a day off.