Friday, January 1, 2010

Hi -- I'm still here

Hi, everyone. I'm still here. I got involved over on Face Book and got sort of stuck there. I have been busy making "Rag Quilts". So far I have done about four and I have two more ready to be put together. I had been getting lots of hours in at JoAnn Fabrics during the holiday season, but now that that is over with, my hours have been cut back to weekends. That's a real bummer.

Now that the holidays are over, hopefully life will settle down to a regular routine again. I still need to finish taking the Christmas tree down, but that should be finished in a couple more days. I look forward to getting back to line dancing on Mon. morning, Bible study on Mon. evenings, and quilting Wed. mornings. The Senior Center is offering Tai Chi classes on Thurs. afternoon. I may check them out. I did that a few years ago and really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow is AJ's fifth birthday. We are having a small party at our house tomorrow afternoon for him. The big family party will be next weekend. Our daughter-in-law's grama passed away on Dec 23 and the funeral was last Wed., on the 30th, so there was no time to really plan a birthday party with everything that was going on.

I need to go sew for awhile. I'm getting ready for a quilting weekend the end of the month and I want to get some thread catchers made. A friend has requested some for her quilting group.

I am going to try to post a picture of one of my "Rag Quilts". Wish me luck.

So long for now...

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