Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our First Snow

It started snowing in the early afternoon and now everything is covered and it looks like a picture on a Christmas card. Everything is so white and clean and pretty. Nothing is sticking to the sidewalks and roads, so there is no need to shovel, but that will be coming next. When I came out of work about 4:00 this afternoon I was glad I had dug my snow brush out of the trunk of my car, because I needed it to clear the snow from my windows.

I am in the process of making some aprons for a friends 3 year old grand daughter for Christmas. Anthony has requested a blue striped bag to carry his "Thomas" cars in. He had been using his Mom's purse. Hopefully, we have him convinced that isn't cool and he needs a bag of his own.

I worked all day today and now I'm ready for a quick nap - before I run over to Quizzno's for soup and sandwiches for diner.

Take care

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