Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Snowy Day

Today wasn't as bad as yesterday. We were threatened with a lot of ice, but all we got was a lot of "crunchy stuff" - no real slippery ice. This stuff was hard to shovel. It was wet and heavy - so I did only what really had to be done and left the rest for another day. TR went out plowing again today and managed to blow out his "something or an other" on his plow truck, so he will need to fix that when he gets back in town later in the week.
Needless to say - everything was closed again today. There was no quilting this morning at the Sr. Center and no "Bernina Club" at the LQS this afternoon and AJ's concert at school was canceled, too. SOOO- I made a big pot of chicken vegetable soup for myself. This was my first try at making chicken soup from scratch. It came out alright. Hopefully things will be open tomorrow so I can go to my knitting group at church.
This evening I machine quilted a quilt that has been laying around for awhile. I don't know the name of the pattern, so I will post a picture.
It bed time again. Good night and sweet dreams, Everyone


  1. I like those black and white 4 patches, they really pop on the quilt! Hope you've gotten dug out by now.