Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Big Snow - Feb 1st 2011

Today was a real winter day in New York. We got lots of snow and the schools were all closed - sooo - that means I had the pleasure of AJ's company all day. We watched some "Thomas the Tank Engine" movies while he played with his new DVR (I think that is what it is called) and I did some sewing. He decided he wanted to sew, too, so we stitched some jelly roll strips together for a "Rail Fence" Quilt top. Later he made some chocolate chip cookies. That is always an experience. Such a mess---, but we had fun. He and his Dad took most of the cookies home. After AJ went home, I cut the strips into blocks.
We got most of the snow cleaned up before it got dark. TR came with his plow truck in the morning and cleaned up the drive way and a neighbor did the front side walk for me. Later I got out and cleaned off my car and Tom (my neighbor) helped clean up the back of the driveway. There was plenty of snow, but not as much as some people got.

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