Friday, October 30, 2009

Hi Everyone

I can't believe that 20 days have gone by since I last wrote something. Halloween is here again and then November. Time flies by much to fast (Where have I heard that said before??). I have been doing a lot of things, but really haven't accomplished much of anything. The pictures I posted are of the Expandable Tote/Duffle Bag that I finished last night.
I have been working on two quilts that I'm making for the Senior Center. The first one needs to be basted and machine quilted. I'm still cutting out blocks for the second one. Both of them are done in the "Double Four Patch" pattern. That pattern is easy and quick and I like it.
I'm getting in lots of hours at Jo-Ann's. Last week I worked six days. That was to much. I was exhausted. This week I took two days off so I could try to get caught up on somethings.
Tomorrow is my first craft show for the season. I usually do three shows at this time of year. I'm hoping I have everything loaded in my car and will be ready to go in the morning. There are other things I would like to take, but I ran out of room. I needed to save a small space for me.
It's after 10PM and I wanted to get to bed early tonight. I'd better get movin' in that direction.
Good night...

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