Thursday, October 14, 2010

What I Accomplished Today

I had a good day today. I actually accomplished what I wanted to do. I finished a pair of mittens. (I had only one thumb left to do.) I also finished the binding on a scrappy strip pieced quilt and got it posted on My Etsy. It has been forever since I did anything with Etsy.
I went to noon mass then to my knitting group. We are making lap robs to give to nursing home residents. I started one, but got the pattern so messed up. I ripped it out and started another simpler pattern. I have two months to finish it. Hopefully I will get it done.
This evening I went to the funeral home to see a friend who's husband passed away yesterday. The funeral is tomorrow morning. I think I'm going to go.
That's about it for tonight. Good night, everyone. Sweet dreams

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